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DANGEROUS LOW FLIGHT CHALLENGE – Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun DLC

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  1. I’m tom curse btw hi gess you flying* in my jet nice it’s funny how I’m in that game hope your a big fan!!

  2. I dont see how you can possibly do this in 3rd person. If your objective is to stay low its so much easier to gauge distance inside the cockpit.

  3. 10 G is the maximum a pilot can take. depends on their body constitution at that point… absolute black out are at 12G, you get there, its a black out for sure.

  4. bro been acting more like a engine inhaling air than a common airplane xD oooouuuuupffffff haha 😀

  5. If this were a real flight we’d be mourning you now

  6. If it makes you feel better in Toiyabe Canyon an A grade will get you top 5000 in the world. Took me a little while to get over the 1.3 million for an A. Ended at about 1.35 million for 3500ish place. I have no clue how people get a 1.8 million on that one.

  7. Flown like a true XBOX gamer. You got a flight stick. Put on your big boy pants and fly from the cockpit the entire way. You make a great commercial for arcade revival.

  8. I have that flight simulator control and I already did that

  9. His man looks like bob and Hangman combined gang


  10. I'm so freaking late with games like this.. (Ace Combat 7, DCS, etc etc.)

  11. I always get mad that you don't do maneuvers with fighter jets but after seeing this, I now understand why you don't do maneuvers.. I don't think I'll ever be watching these videos again.

  12. The way he tried so hard not to swear went holy shhhhhhhhhhhhh. (Did a good job at not swearing) oh my god I almost just sh** my pants

  13. top gun Maverick coming to paramount plus Dec 22.

  14. oh gosh, i hate third person perspective…

  15. This is not realistic at all. Who made this DLC?

  16. If I did not have an Xbox S right now I would not be able to play this game. I love this plane and the fact that Tom is really flying it in the top gun movies. Nothing but respect 🫡

  17. The g-force in that jet is insane

  18. What kind of joy stick and throttle are you using?

  19. This marks the end of the Top Gun DLC, but I'm not gonna lie, this got me hooked on this game again.

    We have a busy week of game announcements/trailers/releases (The Quarry 😬), but if you want to see more Flight Sim soon, let me know! Would love to do some jet free roam, perfect our carrier landings, and check out some of the modded planes that we've never seen in the game. Let me know!

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