Classic Game Room - FLYING POWER DISC for Neo-Geo CD -

Classic Game Room – FLYING POWER DISC for Neo-Geo CD

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Classic Game Room HD reviews FLYING POWER DISC for Neo-Geo CD from Data East. This is a combination sports / fighting game for the SNK Neo Geo CD where players throw a frisbee disc at their opponent hoping to hit targets behind them. Rich with cheesy early 1990’s style, Flying Power Disc is remarkably fun and easy to pick up and play. This CGR review of Flying Power Disc from 1993 for Neo Geo CD has gameplay from Flying Power Disc on Neo-Geo showing game play in action. One or two players. The Western release of this game is called Windjammers for Neo Geo, it is on MVS.


  1. Mark,the game was called Windjammers on his Western Release if you wann know

  2. This game is better known as Windjammers, extremely good game

  3. whoaaaa S.D. I didn't know you watched CGR too 😛 ..this is sam.

  4. Wow, this game looks fantastic! It kinda reminds me of Super Dodgeball Advance, and that game kicked ass.

  5. I actualy played this game and frankly…I LOVED IT its actualy one of the top 10 games i like best in the sega genesis.
    1st place Sonic. 😀

  6. This game contains preposterous amounts of testosterone!

  7. Or also known as Windjammers.

    Kickass game!I had the cartridge years ago…

  8. PREPOSTERONE!!!!!…ah I love college humor

  9. seriously, this game looks like alot of fun, I'd throw fown 5 bucks on this on a PSN/XBOX Live in a heart beat.

  10. If Hulk Hogan had a dream about playing Pong…Well this would be it.

  11. This game is called "Windjammers" here in the states. It makes as much sense as "Flying Power Disc" now that I think about it.

    I remember playing this game next to the "X-Men vs. Street Fighter" arcade cabinet waiting for my turn.

  12. THIS GAME IS RIDICULOUS FUN!!!! I won a tournament when I was 13!!!!!!

  13. @agentgamma23 Agree we need one of it cuz it is awesome

  14. for Neo Geo u said, nah…
    with an emulator you get it on PC for free 😛

  15. first time ive played this game i was 6 or 7 …we where(my family and me) in a puplic swimming pool…and ive seen it in a slot mashine…so i ask my dad …"pa can i get 1 d-mark " he has given me the money and i put it into the slot mashine.this was my 1st and last time ive played this game… now iam 28 … after searching the s.mashine for a long time… ive found an emulator 4 pc… i was sooo happy .. now i play it with friends and this is soo funnny… best multypl. game ever…

  16. Holy crap this game rocks ass, still play it on the MAME, but yeah, like everyone else has said…..Windjammers is the other name.

  17. one of my favorite MAME games
    but that version is waaaay harder than this (being arcade version and all)

  18. i want to buy a neo geo cd just for this…and a few fighters and shooters besides but mainly this.

  19. this looks like a cross between Pong and Street fighter

  20. This game took so much of my money at the arcade.

  21. American Cheese From Whole Foods Is The Best says:

    should of called it King Of Frisbee's

  22. this is the only neo geo game that I remember playing extensively at the arcade back in the 90s.

    Still fun as hell to this day.

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  24. it was on the Arcade, Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo CD under the name "Windjammers"

  25. yeah, if only new games had the creativity of a glorified pong clone…

  26. Never owned neo-geo, but have got interested in it, and tried its emulator, and this is a awesome game. Also neo-geo got the best 2d beat em ups.

  27. To anyone interested in doing some PVP with this game (windjammers) you can play it online using GGPO

  28. he reviews that one (the same game) too!

  29. That would be great…but you can always emulate it.

  30. Holy shit that comment was from 3 years ago.

  31. this seems quite good, why didn't more of these come out

  32. This just might be one of the greatest games ever made. Never gets old.

  33. Still waiting on the Captain America – Winter Soldier flying shield edition.

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