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  1. Never did I think EVER in my life that I would actually find a flies buzzing soothing 😆 wtf.

  2. I used this for my chicken, It worked, and I am very surprised my monitor didn't break

  3. “For cats only” what happens if we show it to another animal?😉

  4. I used It for my jumping Spider and she got really entertained

  5. i tried this on my grandpa’s cat, she started looking at my phone screen and everytime a fly moved her face moved with it and she then got bored after a minute and a half. she heard the cat meows and looked at me, looked around the room, meowed at me and then started licking herself 🤣

  6. Hahaha I'm high laying in bed with my cat in the corner of my arm, watching this together with him, I haven't laughed this genuinely in a long time!

  7. Slow it down and use it for your jumping spider…

  8. My dog trying to catch the flies is waaaaaaay too funny😂😂😂

  9. I used this for my dogs… oops!

  10. Whoops, I used this for my mantis

  11. Gghjnbnrrhb gb k,k (My kitten typed this)

  12. My cat just sat in front of the phone and watched the flies, until she eventually fell asleep…
    Idk if I should be concerned or glad I found a way to make her sleep

  13. I tried this on my hen and she fell for it 😂

  14. Who else is playing this for your praying mantis? 😂

  15. I tried this on my bearded dragon and it just ran away in fear😂😂😂

  16. My cat has ADD. Took one swipe and moved on.

  17. Didn't work on the cat, but very entertaining for the chicken.

  18. Dude when I did this on my iPhone and set it on the floor for my cat I went to the bathroom to wash my hand of and when I came back he was just on top of my phone 😂

  19. Video:for cats and dogs
    My praying mantis:wow,that's interesting,but I sure don't care(proceeds to catch fly)


  21. I showed this to a little jumping spider I found and it seemed reasonably interested for like maybe 3 seconds and then turned away from it

  22. Why do I hear “you can eat my a$$hole???” 🤔

  23. Thank you so much, my cat didn’t let me sleep for like 3 days but when I played this video she started gettin’ rlly sleepy 🫶 helped me alot!!

  24. I play this for my dogs and it works the same as it would for a cat

  25. I’m not a cat but get myself caught and can’t stop watching this😂

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