Building the Ultimate Gaming PC for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2023) -

Building the Ultimate Gaming PC for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2023)

Blu Games
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Building the Ultimate Gaming PC for MSFS in 2023

Full PC Specs —————————————
CPU: Intel Core i9-13900K 3 GHz 24-Core Processor |
Motherboard: MSI MAG Z790 TOMAHAWK WIFI ATX LGA1700 DDR5 |
Hard Drives : 3x SAMSUNG 980 PRO SSD 2TB M.2 |
RAM: G.Skill 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR5 |
GPU: Zotac Trinity RTX 4090 24 GB |
Corsair iCUE H150i Elite, RGB Pump + Fans, 360mm |
Corsair LL Series LL120 Black RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop |
Corsair HX1200 Platinum Fully Modular Power Supply Unit |
LIAN LI O11 Dynamic EVO E-ATX Mid Tower Chassis |
My Full Gaming PC Setup |
My Full Flight Sim Setup |

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  1. Also before you're able to upgrade to a 4K monitor/TV, you could increase the render scale to a 4K resolution. System will perform much better rendering at 4K than rendering at 1080p. Also you can enable DLSS and Frame generation as well to get even more frames and this will ensure there will be no stutters at no point. Still possible with a 4090 to get stutters without using DLSS and Frame Gen. Play with the settings and see what works best 😎

  2. Getting my 4090 between the 20th and 22nd! Can't wait to install that thing! Congrats Blu!

  3. Cute build for your first build. Sad you choose Intel I just built on a godlike mb with a 7950x 128gb ram ddr5 1200w 60+ platinum ps and zotac amp extreme arrio but the art is in the ROG ryujin ll 360 argb compliments across the board.

  4. Congrats on the new build!!! Im so add AI traffic and lets see that KJFK approach again. Happy for you

  5. Nice PC Build Man.. Yeah MSFS Needs best hardware to run smooth on Ultra settings

  6. Hey Blu, I have the same setup as you. Even at 4k my rtx 4090 is bottlenecked by the 13900k especially when I push the terrain slider to 200 Lod and beyond. I recommend enabling frame generation (You do not need DLSS enabled to enable frame generation). Make sure you enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling (HAGS) in your windows settings so that the frame generation option is not greyed out in your MSFS graphics settings.

  7. Congrats Blu! Can't wait to catch your next streams!

  8. do you get the same performance with the adapter to the 4090? i had a problem with my 7900 xt where i was only getting 120 frames on halo ultra settings until i removed it and got what i was supposed to 200-220 frames,

  9. Congrats Blu!!! Nice build my friend….

  10. is it worth upgrading to a 1080 ti or 1080 from a 1060 6gb since im really in need of a gpu upgrade or i was thinking of a 2060 super or 2070 if i can get one cheap enough

  11. Congrats Blu! That’s a really nice build my friend. 👏🏽

  12. Where can I find a desk like this Blu, I’m looking for something I could mount my yoke on. I got the same Boeing yoke.

  13. Man I wish I could afford a 4090 but my money is gone towards flight training. So far I already spent close to 8k on lessons. 4090 maybe in the future.

  14. hey just saw you bought AMD Expo RAM where you should have bought Intel XMP RAM. if youre still in the windows of the return policy you should make the exchange. update the bios and then run the XMP RAM at the highest the board will handle.

  15. Blu Games: How much did the parts cost for all of that?

  16. So you spent that much on a sick PC and you test it on a 1080p 60hz monitor😂

  17. Could you add a complete parts list and cost? Thank you!

  18. Blu, how much did all this hardware cost you? Is it much cheaper to build it yourself, or is it just a little bit cheaper? I'd be willing to assemble it if can save me some serious money, otherwise I enjoy more the flying than the pc build and I'd rather buy it assembled

  19. Hi what motherboard do you recommend that can support 3 video cards (RTX3080ti's), (512+ ram), with a i9 processor? I am building a new computer for msfs202. Also what cooling do you recommend? much thx

  20. Yup … I THOUGHT i went all out in 2020 when I bought an i9-10900K intel chip and RTX 3080 …. now I've built my dream machine and upgraded to a z790 ddr5 platform (i7-13th gen doesn't even go past 40% usage with EVERYTHING MAXED WAY UP IN FLIGHT SIM along with Gigabyte 4090RTX … I used to have 64GB DDR 5 RAM HOWEVER , I sold that RAM and chose 2 sticks of 16GB DDR5 6000MTS and that is outperforming my 64GB memory setup) – also I've never seen greater than 18GB system RAM being used while flight simming (I do sim on an ultra wide Alienware 2.5k equiv monitor, AW3420DW curved monitor … I'm in heaven and everything runs at about 120FPS – cool temps, no stutters EVER AGAIN ! (I'd built computers in the 90's) – happy with current build!!

  21. I've been away from PC n gaming n flt sims for 2yrs I was told
    No need to buy a monitor ? Use modern way? PC now can be
    Plugged into ur TV? Store said ur big screen will look bigger then much smaller PC monitors? Is it true u can plug into TV?

  22. go the frame rate limit setting if you want more than 60fps

  23. Hey Blu, nice build man !! I've built a few over the years for myself and my 3 sons and now they build their own. It is a daunting experience , more so due to the cost and worry of damaging a component !! That 4090 is a behemoth, OMG !! Cheers, Daz, UK.

  24. I was wondering why you chose the TridentZ 5 RGB Neo's for an intel CPU instead of the non-Neo's since the Neos are optimized for AMD (well, they have the AMD EXPO overclocking profiles). The regular TridentZ 5 RGB (non-Neo) has the XMP profiles needed to overclock your RAM. Maybe return them for the non-Neo if the return period hasn't expired). Great build nonetheless. I'm about to do the same.

    Also, with a 4K monitor, you should be able to get well over 60fps with everything maxed out. Right now, I'm actually limiting my FPS to 60, and getting 60 all maxed out, 4K and recording in 4K60 with OBS Studio, and I'm on i9-9900K/ddr4/PCIe 3.0.

    So, my friend, do your 4090 a solid and quit the insult already lol! Get yourself a 4K monitor, and if you can, get a G-Sync 144HZ so you can run smoother. Or just get a 4K 60Hz but definitely 4K because right now, you have a Lamborghini Sian but you're driving it at the speed of a VW Beetle, even though you're on a race track😂

  25. The tower chassis is no longer available 🙁

  26. I want to know how it run with traffic set to max do you have good Fps?

  27. hi they dont hhave Zotac Trinity RTX 4090 24 GB can i change any of it and what do you frefer on me please reply this

  28. Inibuilds KJFK + Fenix A320, LOD400, FSLTL = 13fps @ 1080p

  29. How did you mount your yoke low like that? Seems like a more realistic position

  30. Hey Blue, if you use the mouse plate, the keyboard arm stand, and then the regular yoke plate on top (all bolted together with the keyboard arm acting as a riser, you can have your Bravo throttles higher and in a more foward natural position. I also have the NLR cockpit and my throttles are mounted this way. My Alpha yoke is mounted on the included boeing plate. You will be far better off not having to reach behind you to manipulate your throttles.

  31. @BlueGames hi. How did you mount your gpu on the side of your motherboard?

  32. "I don't care about fps, only about smoothness"

  33. No cutting corners on this one 😊 Just one question. Is Hello Fresh that good ?

  34. Very nice. I'm only on a Radeon 7700XT but hoping I can land between 40-50 FPS on the Ultra settings…

  35. congrats on the new build sir! (im shopping around myself!)

  36. I ran across this getting ready to get me one for msfs

    Very nice.

  37. A question.. for the rams did you use 5 rams 64Gb each or in total 64Gb all together?

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