Best WWII Combat Flight Simulator | A Review of IL-2 Sturmovik -

Best WWII Combat Flight Simulator | A Review of IL-2 Sturmovik

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If you like flight combat simulators and vintage military aviation then you are watching the right video. This simulator is, in my opinion, one of the best ones of WWII airplanes, this is a review of IL-2 Sturmovik.



List of equipment I use
Zoom H1
Zoom H5 (clearer sound)
Microphone OLM-10



  1. My opinion is… You need to look at the new power update in war thunder

  2. You havent found the secret gem of gems of WWII Flicght Combat Sims.. Better than IL2, Better than War Thunder. More realistic flight modeling than DCS… The hands down Best and smothest VR Dogfighting available today…. Hitechcreations Aces High III VR!!

  3. hahaha video is exactly 10 minutes so this turd can cash in on youtube ad revenue. bug off you BIGMOUTH meandering losers.

  4. Bruh just play war thunder simulator battels

  5. IL2 is a good sim but has focus on gameplay. It's not the best simulator, dcs is better and more realistic, especially the flight model. IL2 feels like a very realistic sim, but if u fly dcs you can really feel the il2 flightmodel is more simplified compared to dcs. il2 is a bit like the fc3 aircraft in dcs.

  6. Very nice review. Good explanation of the basics and defiantly telling people to have patience. I have watch this game for time since it first came out and do agree the statement of being a pricey game. To get more out of the game, you have to dig into your pocket. Something than many may not want to. I can remember digging into the pocket for the game Flight Rising. Excellent WWI flight sim, but to get hold it all back then, dig deep into your pocket book. Very well done review, thank you.

  7. at least learn how to pronounce IL-2 correctly if you gonna make a review about it…

  8. Fantastic video. I love this game. Years ago i played it and just wondered if anyone else liked it. I could never take off or land with success lol

  9. IL2 Sturomvik Battle of Stalingrad to be precise!!!!!!!

  10. O sea, estás diciendo que IL 2 es mejor que war thunder porque se ve más bonito, se supone que se debe hablar en más específico sobre las diferencias en física y aerodinámica de ambos juegos, y lo que nombra este video como "diferencias" ya lo tiene war thunder, además que en war thunder tienes un modo historia espectacular también en simulador, el mejor multijugador de simulador, grandísima variedad de vehículos, muchos roles diferentes y no como en el IL 2 que tiene el mierda de modo Dogfight, o sea, no todos los aviones son para Dogfight y es una perdida de tiempo, en fin, son un montón de cosas que war thunder está por encima de este IL 2

  11. to be fair dcs is getting lots of new ww2 planes now

  12. Do not believe what they tell you it school . Lol. Yeah 2+2 doesn't equal 4

  13. il-2 is like war thunder but il-2 is realistic in any way

  14. I really like it. My only complaint is not enough planes. There is no Soviet Medium or heavy bomber like the Pe-8. We only have the PE-2 to fly against. Or transport liaison aircraft. Its not a deal breaker but the bombers (even as AI) would offer variety for both sides.

  15. so warthunder simulator mode isnt realistic?

  16. It looks awesome but it costs so much. I am just a broke student, who cannot afford it. I don't mind paying under 100 for a full game but when it goes over that then I can't do it. I might try war thunder, but I want something really realistic.

  17. Can anyone help me out on my lost install password.I haven't played game in years thank you.

  18. I find it suspicious.. That I wanted to play this game, I havnt played since ps3 il 2 birds of prey…. So I found the il2 on steam. For over 40 bucks. Hell no. So I put it on my wish list yesterday. Literally today, went on sale. I wonder if steam reads people's wishlist or the company gets a notification that players put it on wishlist for a sale. Find that very creepy. But that's awesome I can get the game for like 10 bucks now.

  19. Thanks for the review. Are the new IL-2 add ons for WWI era planes the best when it comes to WWI era simulations? Especially interested in campaign mode.

  20. A WW2 simulator were the swastika is banned on German planes? Wow… Impressive how people can still be offended by that.

  21. Which version do you recommend me to install? Should I purchase the one you did?

  22. Now I know what seems odd to me: The sound does not seem to be right! The motors of those planes should be louder and more pronounced.

  23. Good reporting will a 16GB computer be sufficient? None of the instruments are click able? I'm definitely into WW2 and Korean ERA theaters. Thanks alot

  24. Sounds kind of “pay to play” for everything in it. Although War Thunder is free, it is almost the same except for the physics.

  25. Can you play with a usb-wired xbox one controller?

  26. As a kid that played the 8 bit Atari 2600 in the 70's it is simply amazing how far these games have come.

  27. Thanks. I like what I see and I’ve been waiting to get this because I’d have to buy a PC system. If I buy the PC system I’d feel obligated to get a flight sim joystick set up. But I do think it’s time. Thanks again

  28. I had the CD version but windows 10 won't play it, how can I get IL-2 to run on windows 10

  29. so its like war thunder or the same

  30. got this at 85% off today, it was only £9 instead of the normal £65

  31. Ahhh I'll stick with IL 1946, I didn't have to pay $50/plane with that one.

  32. War Thunder only covers the major countries that took part in WW2

  33. should i buy it off of the steam page or should i buy it off of the site???

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