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An especially vicious fight in the skies! Knights duel to the death, unconcerned about what the future holds!
How are you liking this type of warfare? Let me know down below


  1. 1st person is the only way to fly. Think vertical instead of flat like a car.. Turn in the vertical , not the flat.Also keep gaining altitude whenever you can and use it to dive down on enemies.

  2. I don't understand why you never went for a missile lock.

  3. Fourth at least, first comment though.

  4. Do more of these! You need to dive down during attack. Gain altitude, and come down on your targets. And I highly recommend you aim in first person. When in combat, switch to first person, you'll have an easier time aiming and landing your shots. You have to aim for the engine or pilot. You can land dozens of shots on the wings and fuselage and deal almost no critical damage.

  5. I vastly prefer how the first person mode looks but it's good to occasionally go third so that you and the viewer can see stuff. Minor criticism that it's honestly a little painful to watch your shooting in third person. You don't have to be amazing or anything like that, especially since you're doing commentary, but the sheer difference between the modes is what does it.

  6. Myself I prefer 3rd person view – simply because there is never nausea in that view. Air combat is very much a circling around eachother at the time covered in #IL-2Sturmovik #FlyingCircus and I seem to get air sick sooner or later in first person view when watching (not when playing) for some reason.

  7. Awesome stuff. What controller do you use to play this?

  8. Although a wonderful view, go to the cockpit view for guns. Much more realistic view as well as correct for dogfights.

  9. Wait till they fill the ring, then short bursts. Pilot or engine is the preferred targets.

  10. So is it similar to Rise of Flight?

  11. There is a great fault in the headline! Correct -> Best WWI Air Combat Simulator – Wings over Flanders Fields BH&H II

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