Best Game of 2021?? Flying Giant Plane to New York! Thunderstorm takeoff! Flight Simulator 2021 -

Best Game of 2021?? Flying Giant Plane to New York! Thunderstorm takeoff! Flight Simulator 2021

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In this video I’m flying from Frankfurt to New York in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020! I will perform stormy weather takeoff from Frankfurt and make beautiful landing in John F. Kennedy airport flying over the centre of New York during the approach. Amazing views on Manhattan, Central Park, Harlem and other interesting places. The aircraft is Boeing 747-8i – one of the largest airliners!

Note: the footage have been filmed in slow-motion for better quality.
At the moment of the recording this video all liveries for default 747-8 were mirrored at one side of the plane.

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NOTE: this video does not represent actual gameplay experience. Video editing techniques were used to achieve more realistic effect (color grading, shake effect, real sound, real window overlays and more)
This video includes real airplane sounds which I do not own. The sounds have been taken from these videos:
by Reto Kurmann
by Shea Weinzirl
Enhanced wing flex for 747-8:
//Camera movement:
TrackIR 5

Recording software:
Nvidia ShadowPlay

Editing software:
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
My PC specs:
-CPU cooler:
-GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080
-Storage NVMe (2TB):
-Storage SATA SSD (2TB):
-Storage SATA SSD (1TB):
-OS: Windows 10 Pro
-Monitor: 43inch 4K monitor + 23inch 1080p monitor
-Flight Controls:

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  1. I did a similar flight to this in real life. Orlando int to Frankfurt or the 747 Lufthansa

  2. "one of the" most realistc flight simulators?? :)))

  3. I'm interested. Would a plane actually be allowed to take off in those type of conditions?

  4. This would be sick with dual screen two player support also with two keyboards and two mice. Or even online copilot play.

  5. they failed to reproduce wings and engines bouncing during the thunderstorm

  6. You flee past the point of your landing guidance limit. But flew like a champ great job.

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  8. This game is absolutely amazing love it 💯 💯

  9. ATC mixed with police transmissions….interesting!.

  10. As an LH employee who has flown a lot in his life, all I can say is "wow". Even the on-board announcement 😉 Really great video. Thanks.

  11. The PAPI light on 31R are missing. They are rather important.

  12. 3:50 This moment. I can't describe how I feel in my heart! ❤😊

  13. Do you think future planes will have cockpits with led displays?

  14. Amazing how far graphics have came in 2 decades. Another decade, and these simulators will ultimately match reality. Soon, some people will be living in the metaverse or similar platforms. You'll be able to work and interact with anyone in the digital world. Dating and hanging out with friends will be done from our living rooms. In-store Shopping will be a thing of the past. Cell phones will lose their use as the digital contact lenses or glasses take their place. Yet, there's a huge problem with all of this, as it would indefinitely remove our quality of life, leave us with no privacy, and we'll be monitored and restricted by the digital system and your compliance. Cash will no longer exist. Everything from your vaccine records, to medical information, and social score will be kept on your chip. No vaccine, no money. Say something bad about your government, be banned from spending money for 10 days. All of this is already happening in China, just too a lesser degree technologically. The UN and World Economic Forum, Klauss Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, and NATO allies are all on board with the Great Reset. They're making it sound wonderful and that a new world order will be the only way we'll survive climate change. When in fact the earth is fine, they just want to enslave the world thru vaccines, digital control, and fear. If the media is focusing and lashing out at a certain group of people, more than likely things are being said that they don't want the world to know. So they call everything Russian Disinformation to cause you to immediately dismiss it. Sad but true. Great videos!!

  15. I cant believe that we have this opportunity of a flight sim right now.
    I honestly didnt believe it would ever happen.
    This is great and I think also for pilot training all over the world its a huge upgrade in realism.

  16. Hey man! Awesome video! Can see my office in Frankfurt at 0:22 haha, It's the 30th floor inside the TRIANON building:)

  17. How did you run these settings on a gtx 1080 when I can barley run medium on a 1660

  18. Youtube recommended this to me and I'm so glad they did, absolutely outstanding production, I normally skip through videos like this but yours kept me engaged throughout the whole video. Subscribed and look forward to seeing more in the future!

  19. I think that ist the best video of Mircosoft Flight Simulator

  20. I wanna know how you get those camera angles because that's beautiful im about to quit the simulator and just watch you… the views the angles and the voices I love it all

  21. your narration sounds identical to the Forzavista mode in Forza Motorsport 4

  22. How does someone new to the game learn how to fly a certain plane? Does the game provide instructions or tutorials?

  23. That's actually not true because the Boeing 747 – 980 or whatever It's not the biggest plane in the world that airbus A380

  24. It’s not Hesse it’s Hessen you said that wrong

  25. Do we hear police radio during approaching JFK ? 🤔😅

  26. What's with the reports about mass shootings?

  27. Please do it frm IGI – Indira Gandhi international airport Delhi

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