Beating EVERY N64 Game - Flying Dragon (111/394) -

Beating EVERY N64 Game – Flying Dragon (111/394)

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The N64 had quite a few fighting games on it. But what about when you combine RPG elements with gear progression into the mix? Well that’s what Flying Dragon tried to do. Let’s see how it went.

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  1. Didn’t remember any of the menus or the intricate style but holy fuck as soon as the OST started playing this was definitely rented in like 2000 to 2001 by my mother for me

  2. The Truth has been Determined to be a Lie says:

    I remember this game, I put some good hours into this one

  3. Love ur videos but that haircut is something else

  4. Watching this, I got an ad for a book about whether robots are going to take over the world

  5. I think the SD stands for Super Deformed and it just make characters look cartoon-like. There are lots of Japanese games with SD in the title.

  6. Pretty nice of Thab to shout out all the other channels doing similar challenges.

  7. It’s interesting that this essentially comes with two different fighting games in it.

  8. Hey, are you planning on buying any toilet paper while you’re out?


  9. "who played this game?"
    Me having had it as a kid, having playparties with my friends lol. It was a pretty good fighting game, not mk but still enough to play for a couple of hours.

  10. Thab's intro is reaching a similar lengendary status of repeatability as Avatar's at this point

  11. My first N64 game. Man I didn't appreciate this enough.

  12. Why is his hair that color, was it a sub goal or something

  13. I loved this game! I picked it up from a local video game shop in the mid 2000s and I still have it with me. It definitely needs a lot of tweaking, but as you said, the concept is really good! Also the first game I used a Game Shark for since 9 year old me had a hard time with the metal fighters…
    As for metal Ryuhi and metal Power's abilities: metal Ryuhi has infinite busters and items he just never uses them since the AI in the game is laughably bad especially in Normal mode. Metal Powers has super body meaning all attacks except for throws won't knock him down.

  14. I own this game, I was so hyped when I read about it as a kid, and I got it as a present. It being a rare game, it was like 80 USD!
    I played it a bunch, but did rage quit it forever when I got to the bosses that would heal their HP.

  15. nice job on actually beating sd mode! I did a similar spam strat with yuka but really you're supposed to unlock anti-metal items and new supers.
    also this game has 2 split sequels. sd mode got a sequel on n64, japan only. virtual mode has a ps1 sequel.

  16. loving the journey through all the games. thanks for this fun series!

  17. thanks for making this series! I really enjoy these videos.

  18. Bro I forgot I about this game ! Thanks for nostalgia

  19. It just reminds me of a game a grandma or aunt would buy for a kid just because they don't know any better.

  20. yo wat up thab east, i got locked up and havent been able to watch your videos but im back now. i was telling the boys in yard about you so im sure in a few years they gon come thru, keep doing your thing.

  21. Not that you asked but for the record the characters name is Mr. Satan not Hercule. Funimation made up the name Hercule because they were worried about the characters name offending Christian western audiences. Funimation is a terrible company with terrible dubs.

  22. I had this game. I thought the rpg mode had a lot going for it. Too bad it never got another entry to expand on what they started.

  23. Not sure how old you are to not know this game, but i read a preview of this game in a Nintendo Power Magazine back in the late 90s.

    Yeah, your more a of a collector of games.

  24. Ha ha I absolutely rented this game several times

  25. My friend had this game. It was garbage and we only played it once

  26. It's rare for a sumo wrestler in a fighting have to have any attributes not directly based around being a sumo wrestler and loving to sumo wrestle and eat chanko nabe.

    Being a robot at least gives this one a gimmick.

  27. This Game is the only reason I started watching this series.

  28. "I am beating every N64 game", then plays the sports games for like 10 minutes… You need to play a full season and win the championship to complete sports games.

  29. Absolutely loving this series. Can't wait for the other classics 🤙

  30. So what happens if you get to a game that you just simply can't beat?

  31. I finally caught up watching all the videos! Now I have to wait…

  32. Literally a game I've never heard of. :O .

  33. I rented this game back in the day. Never heard of it or anything. I didn't get far in it, but I did enjoyed it. Wouldn't mind playing it again one day.

  34. Why is he calling it Robo E Honda? It says Robonohana

  35. I seem to recall Wiler had a common thst ended in a side grab suplex that I thought was the coolest thing ever…

  36. I got as far as the first metal guy before I gave up as a kid

  37. Hayato character model….Gohan cell/android saga pre super saiyan

  38. Man I'm subbed and everything but NEVER see your vids on my homepage / suggested– the Algo is killing you I think

  39. I think there were Flying Dragon games for the NES and SNES also… I vaguely remember playing them if they existed… I remember I always wanted to play this game though. Actually I might have rented this one.

  40. Flying Dragon on NES is a REALLY good NES game, I didn't even know it was on 64.

  41. I would always choose Ryuhi and my friend would take Wyler and then we fought against each other. Good old times!

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