Beating EVERY N64 Game - Flying Dragon (111/394) -

Beating EVERY N64 Game – Flying Dragon (111/394)

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The N64 had quite a few fighting games on it. But what about when you combine RPG elements with gear progression into the mix? Well that’s what Flying Dragon tried to do. Let’s see how it went.

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  1. Greetings from a fellow Charlestonian! Really enjoying your work.

  2. At first, I thought this was Fighter's Destiny and I was excited. I can't wait for you to get to that one. It's a super underrated fighting game. At a glance, it looks just like every other generic 3d fighter that was being thrown at the wall in those days, but it has incredibly unique and fun mechanics. It has a point system where you get different amounts of points for knocking the opponent down with different types of moves. There's blocking like in most games, but there's an automatic dodge you can do by holding the L button that makes you Matrix dodge attacks. When someone tries a grab attack, you can usually catch yourself halfway through by button mashing so they don't get a point. The thing that makes it all work is that you can't get out of a throw if they do it while you're Matrix dodging, and you can't block specials. So there's a constant strategy layer that makes the fights look like something out of a Kung Fu movie With constant dodging and people being thrown only to land on their feet.

  3. i played the hell out of this game when i was a kid

  4. This was a fun game! Thanks for playing it!

  5. I remember there's a way to get items that cancel the abilities of the metal characters

  6. I'll be 34 this year N64 was my most prominent console as a kid..never seen or heard this game.. but this would have been dope in 98

  7. Oh shieeeeeet! I rented this game so much 😅 right now I'm very excited, grabbing something to drink and some munchies to watch this video!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  8. I remember this game being a random rental at my local video game rental store. I never made it past the chibi mode. Game controlled so clunky and I just gave up on it.

  9. Flying Dragon was one of my absolute Favorite! Games growing up

  10. It’s odd being caught up and having to wait for a video!
    Still just as interested tho!

  11. bro.. the hair.. i cant watch soely because of the hair

  12. I played this game! I think it may have been my first ever fighting game

  13. One of my top 3 64 games. I love this game.

  14. Surprised to see Ultimate Warrior in a fighting game.

  15. at the end of all this, we better get a supercut of you excitedly reading the number and then asking "whats that?"

  16. Flying Dragon was badass I played this game just as much as i played Super Mario

  17. Me and my friends rented this game for a month straight trying to unlock all the items

  18. Lord this game. Hope it gets a rerelease

  19. The fact you did this without earning any of the items that negate the metal characters' abilities is insane, kudos

  20. I didn't realize this was still ongoing lol I figured this was a years old playlist, hell yeah

  21. 17:31 metal <-> medal … That's the problem with American English. British English is not so ambiguous in the pronunciation.

  22. Love the series and stream when i catch them, keep it up man.

  23. I played this game as a kid. My dad bought me and my brother an n64 with like two games. One was Quest 64. The other flying dragon. Both required a save pack… which we did not have. We played the ever loving shit out of both of those games. I mean it's all we had. And since we had no save pack, we left the console powered on for DAYS so we could continue or playthrough. Is it a second rate Street Fighter/Tekken? Sure. Is it a good game… not really. But goddammit it was our game.

  24. This was my favorite fighting game when I was a kid haha I lost the cart sadly..

  25. Omg I'm having some wild nostalgia flashbacks man I need this haha

  26. Oh you didn't get the mr virus item that would have made those metal fights easier.

  27. I remember grinding the crap out of this as a kid and I also remember how difficult it was to 100% since the AI cheated so incredibly hard.

  28. This is my Number 1 Game, because it combines fighting and rpg the best I've ever seen.

  29. This was one of my favorite games growing up I still have a copy today Aside from super smash brothers which is a different my favorite fighting game OF ALL TIME 😂

  30. I guess the n64 was so hard to develop for, this looks way worse than tekken and runs at about half the framerate

  31. Something that you didn't utilize, but for a lot of characters is basically required, is that each of the silver boss characters has a counter item that turns off their boss abilities that can be found by completing tournaments in certain ways. You also have a low chance of getting their boss items when you beat em.

  32. Beating every game is 22 min is impressive

  33. Flying Dragon is great but you are boring af.

  34. This is one of those games I would have put 1 million hours on if I had it when I was young. Tekken 3 probably took two years of my life from me lol

  35. Hayato @ 9:55 is Kid Gohan inspired, I refuse to believe otherwise lol

  36. @thabeast721 why cannot i join your server
    read my posts?

  37. I LOVED this game… I put in hundreds of hours in. I actually stole it from Hollywood video as a kid. I wasn't too big on the "Virtua fighter" mode. The "Chibi" version was amazing. The evolving items, metal characters, and just the whole thing… Man… Just super fun. Suzaku was my BOY. Lol.
    I knew you'd eventually have to play it. It is really dated though.

  38. This was hands down my favorite N64 game of all time. So many memories! I'm glad you added more content on this obscure game.

  39. Flying Dragon is amazing. Pretty good OST and also one of the closest experiences of an RPG we could get on the system, sadly.
    It's a bit repetitive and there are some bugs that prevents you from getting some of the needed treasures tho… but otherwise, it's one of the best games on the 64.

  40. this video made me excited for war gods. received it as a birthday present when I was like 9 and distinctly remember the giver being hyped about the game. I never loved it but I was never a fighting game enjoyer, but also there were some redeeming qualities. looking forward to an independent opinion.

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