Base Jump Wing Suit Flying by BoomBit - Gameplay Walkthrough [Android, iOS Game] -

Base Jump Wing Suit Flying by BoomBit – Gameplay Walkthrough [Android, iOS Game]

Pure Guide
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#PureGuide Level 1-3

“Spread your wings and start flying like you’ve never been before!

Base Jump Wingsuit Gliding allows you to take part in awesome and exciting extreme sports. Use Wingsuit to jump and fly over multiple cool environments and beat your high scores! This is the new kind of arcade flight experience!

It’s also easier than you think! Control your flight with simple, intuitive one-touch controls and fly as far as you can. For beating your high scores you will earn money to unlock upgrades and make your results even better!

– Multiple great environments to fly through
– Upgrade your wingsuit for better results
– Challenging yet intuitive gameplay
– Additional content coming in future updates

Download the game now and start flying!”


  1. Just saw an ad on Snapchat and that ad made this game have the graphics of the new fukkin battlefield with terrible hit boxes. Had to search this dumbass game up asap. Looks nothing like it except for dude having A wing suit

  2. i think this is the worst gameplay ive ever seen in my entire life

  3. That's frickin ugly compared to the ads

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