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B17 Flying Fortress game review – 1992 IBM / Amiga

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Talk about squeezing a lot of game into a review. We touch on all the elements that made this a great game. Nearly a classic but not quite.

Did anyone actually complete 25 missions? What are your memories of B17 Flying Fortress?

Music Credit with permission from 8bit Betty “Was that away message for me?”” :


  1. Happy Penis? Ok I sub'd. That's too funny.

  2. I enjoy the trip down memory lane, the videos are well-paced and I like your voice. More, please! 🙂

  3. Wow, I remember having to figure all this out on my own because I had the cracked version and finally completing a mission and making it back in what essentially was a Swiss cheese was so satisfying. Never completed it though.
    Kind of miss these kind of games…

  4. God, I spent hours and hours playing this game on my dad's old rig. Eventually completed a full tour if my memory serves me correctly. Awesome game, especially for that time.

  5. I used to love playing this game back in the day on my Amiga 500. A list of my favorites are bellow in no order. If you're looking for any good titles to emulate these are fun ones.

    1. Powermonger
    2. Powermonger 2
    3. Castles
    4. Castles 2
    5. Populous
    6. Populus 2
    7. Wings
    8. Das Boot
    9. B-17 Flying Fortress
    10. Gunboat
    11. A-10 Tank Killer
    12. Monkey Island
    12. Monkey Island 2
    13. Sim City
    14. Metal Masters
    15. Sinbad
    16. Myst
    17. 688 Attack Sub

  6. Brings back a lot of old memories. I must have played this game 4-5 hours a day during one particular summer (probably 1995?) when I was about 11 or 12. I am 33 now. I was too young for the instructions to be very helpful, but I eventually got the hang of it and got pretty good at it too. I'm not sure how many times I completed the full tour, but it must have been at least 10 times. An excellent game for it's time despite it's limitations. The sequel was good, but haven't seen anything since. I wish they still made them like this, but it seems like anything that is even close is just a quasi-bomber simulation that's simply an elaborate multi-player free for all. Unfortunately, those games don't do much for me. If someone can't point me in the direction of a more modern version of this game it would be appreciated. Thank you.

  7. oh good another channel of this type that doesn't spew endless ill concieved opinion from glancing plays. Very good presentation of the game here

  8. Does anyone know how many floppies this game came with? I'm talking about the UK version for DOS on HD 3.5 inches floppy.

  9. Awesome review, Happy Penis was the highlight for sure! On the side note, Dog Fight shared the same game engine as B-17FF. Played them both on my Amiga 500 and later on PC back in the day. Good sims from Microprose's UK branch.

  10. On related subjects, any plans to do Their Finest Hour on the Amiga?

  11. Awesome video! I have a massive collection of vintage flight sims (Birds of Prey, Flight of the Intruder, Falcon etc on Amiga, Jane's and Novalogic for PC) but I didn't have this B17 one yet – except for a cover disk on an Amiga magazine back in the day, played a bit, very interesting as it reminds me of The Dam Busters in the 8-bit systems!

  12. I love how the game is set in WW2, yet uses the post WW2 borders.

  13. This was a blast from the past. I have so many fond memories of this from the time. Was absolutely obsessed with it and would spend hours playing through… until I saw this video I'd completely forgotten about it! Want to do a flight sim for Amigarama so think I'm going to go with this… assuming I can still remember how to play! Cheers!

  14. The remake B-17 Flying Fortress the Mighty 8th had an emulated though simplified Norden Bomb Sight by USAF Major (Ret) Joseph N Worsley as a crucial advisor to the development of this updated simulation/game and a bombardier using this bomb sight on B-29's with the 462nd Bomb Group in the USAAF in World War 2 as well as the Sperry bomb sight (earlier).
    The addition of the emulated bomb sight from the original game shown here greatly enhances its realism.
    In fact a picture of Mr Worsley can be seen on some of the boxed releases of the simulation.
    Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago.

  15. amiga music from this game at roster screen was so awesome to me

  16. Use to play this at a friends house I got my first computer 2004 And soon had to get it up to speed for a video card to play a online game called Fighter ace ( Pie charted nations Germany Japan England USA Russia Which each country had types of aircraft ) Fighter, Fighter/Bomber, Cargo and troop carrier / And out of them You had over 200+ diffrent aircraft models ..Tempest Mk V Zero Mustang C-47 Lancaster Mosquito Tse Tse with the 47mm anti ship auto load Cannon great for tank killing …So your pie shaped country had airfields ammo factories, Fuel factories, Radar stations If your enemy bombed them to 49% damage and dropped AI paratroopers on them They would capture it and that would rebuild it in time and you would now get the fuel or ammo to your base via Train if no enemy shot up the train
    The grafix were not like today but a tad better then B-17 game And it was a huge map (2hrs to cross it) I did see many times over 200 players online at a time Downside was you needed a joystick no mouse options …It was fun dropping 24 500lbs on a 25 sec delay from 32,000ft outside of detection on a main base with 8 players sitting on the runway getting ready for a mission lol

  17. I recall mail ordering this game at the tail end of my Amiga years. And was floored by what the box contained. No less than two "manuals" (one more a history book on B–17), the floppies for the game, and a long sleeve with the Microprose logo on the chest.

  18. I've been subscribed to your channel for a few years now, but somehow missed this review of yours. I currently struggling to improve my bombing skills. Beating this game is on my bucket list for sure. Thank you for this kind review, this game certainly deserves it.

  19. I came here to listen to the music again, it earwormed me for 28 years.

  20. 2:06 Don't you have to change that now? #Cancel+ etc.?

    B-17 The Mighty 8th. Did you ever get to that one? ..can't find it.

  21. Some of my best memories are playing this with my brother and friend back in the day. I miss those times….

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