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B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th | NEW GAME ANNOUCEMENT!

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Ever remember those classic games from Microprose? I loved B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th and now they have just released an announcement saying they are making a new version of the game! AND IT WILL BE IN VIRTUAL REALITY ALSO! It will be called ‘The Mighty Eighth’

#mightyeighth #B-17 #flyingfortress

Here is the classic PC game I played as a kid:

Here is the link to the Microprose website and the news to the upcoming game!

Hope you enjoy!!

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  1. A vr first project is a worry, I can't see this being a full on simulator like the original mighty eighth if they are supporting vr as well. I've never seen no vr game with the level of realism that the original game had.

  2. I was browsing google for this game to check out screenshots because I wanted to get some nostalgia from more than a decade ago and seeing this announcement… I think you can imagine my reaction.

  3. Had this game as a kid and b17 are my favorite ww2 plane. Such an amazing history. Any updates on the game? The website still seems to be the same.

  4. Oh YEAH- OH YEAH Welcome back-and the LANCASTER!!!!! Microprose made such immersive games -Loved all of them!

  5. Apparently they have expanded the scope of this game. Now to include the Lancaster for night bombing.

  6. I can't wait to get into this! As much as I enjoy the simulation aspect, part of me wants a focus on crew management first and foremost (like the recent game "U-boat") with compartmentalized/cutaway views; that would be very cool indeed.

  7. i have the original in the new game u can fly the Lancaster as well.

  8. Now this is a reason for me to buy a VR, I want to be able to fly in a B-17 again and shoot down bandits on a dorsal turret like my papa during WWII

  9. I played this game the first time around and it was amazing , with better graphics and the computers of today i have high hopes of an amazing game 🙂

  10. I’m 24 and can vividly remember playing this as a kid as it was my dads game on PC. I actually went to the Ohio Air Force Museum on Saturday, had the honor and pleasure to see the Memphis Belle!

  11. Takes me straight back my teens. Can't wait for this to drop

  12. I Purchased all the flight Sims 20+ years ago and my favorite by far was the B-17 by Microprose. I've been very disappointed by the lack of flight Sims by the gaming system makers. (Xbox ect) plus I couldn't play the games I had because of system software required by the game.(Win95 ect) I will buy this game in a heartbeat. Flying the 17 was much harder than the single pilot fighters and was a great challenge. Having a engine on fire or a crew member hurt and having to deal with it added to the details I loved. Your missing out if you don't try the B-17!!

  13. Told ya I was a subscriber, I loved this game growing up. Many hours in it. Many memories.

  14. This was one of the best ever WW2 flying games! cant wait

  15. I have been waiting for exactly this announcement. Any news on release date?

  16. O I remember the original possibly one of the 1st flight simulators loved the game played it alot

  17. Sad to say there is no new info regarding the Re-make

  18. It was one awesome game. I played through all of the 25 missions. I loved the realism of the game espetialy with the damadge. Black oil trail, engine dying, manualy extending the landing gear and like that landing back at the airfield.

  19. I hope they do a boxed version with a manual for this, even if it’s just a steam code in the disc case.

  20. Any updates as of this year? I’ve looked, couldn’t find anything

  21. Is there any new updates on a release for the mighty 8th.? Thanks

  22. Did they buy B-17 Squadron from Big Cheese Studio/Play Way?

  23. The original Was developed in the South west of England

  24. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!

  25. Hopefully we’ll be able to fly in the Pacific with the B24 liberator

  26. We’re gonna have to play (bomber crew) while we wait for this to come out.

  27. To be honest, I'm blown away. I would've never imagined they'd remake a game like this. Wow… that's outstanding.

  28. I was excited, then pissed off when I saw the part about VR, then i saw its not required and went back to being excited.

    I've watched people play this on Youtube before and thought it looked awesome but it was one of those games where as cool as it was, it just looked too old for me to see myself getting really into and the comic sans font was goofy as well. I was hoping it would be remade, when I stumbled upon it after getting bored of Bomber Crew, and then I thought to myself, this B-17 game is so niche, that'll never happen, they don't make these types of games anymore.

  29. I see the new game is available on steam. Do you own the game and if so, how do you like it? You looking for crewmembers?

  30. It’s been two years, is this happening or not?

  31. Any new news on the game? also I would love to do a crew with you on this game if it ever comes out lol

  32. I played this before!! Ohh I miss this game! I actually knew a few guys I corresponded with ex-WWII B17 pilots and gunners who introduced me to this game at the time. Well, it was in the midst of being created and developed by a friend of theirs in Microprose. When it finally came out, I was super excited!! One dai I thought about this game and found this post in Youtube!! Woohoo!!

  33. Looks like they're going to add all the things we asked for 20 years ago. Sadly the wife won't let me build a desktop to play it on, or allow me the time to even play the game. There were advantages to being single back then.

  34. I have the older version. Really fun, but I never got off the ground (I'm not a gaming type).
    Still very fun to set up and to run on auto-pilot.

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