AWAY: The Survival Series Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - CONTROLLING A FLYING SQUIRREL -

AWAY: The Survival Series Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – CONTROLLING A FLYING SQUIRREL

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Away The Survival Series Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – PS5 4K 60fps – Away The Survival Series beginning to ending
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Follow the story of a young sugar glider on a journey to save his family. Your adventures will take you across vast environments as you discover a vibrant world brimming with life. But beware of the dangers that lie ahead…
Glide among the trees, fight dangerous predators, and explore beautiful environments through the eyes of a sugar glider — all while a narrator describes your every move.
Advance through the world and complete the main story, or explore off the beaten path and embark on side quests to uncover AWAY’s hidden mysteries.
Hunt small prey, fight larger enemies, and use stealth and agility to sneak past apex predators unnoticed.
See the world from a whole new perspective while playing as beetles, lizards, crabs, and more. These rare playable animals are hidden throughout AWAY’s environments — can you find them all?
Breaking Walls is an independent game studio founded by industry veterans in Montréal. With decades of experience working on major AAA titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, and Far Cry, our team has spent the last five years developing AWAY: The Survival Series.

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  2. So whats going on with Kena: Bridge of Spirits?

  3. This is amazing I love animal story games like this❤️

  4. It may be the post-Apoc, but David Attenborough is still making his sugar glider documentary!

  5. May i ask how do u record the video while playing?

  6. Is David Attenborough narrating, looks interesting, loving the video

  7. Please play this again i really enjoyed it, and would love to see a next episode pmsoon please.

  8. I’ve been watching you for 8 years man not a single video has been dreadful much love to you man

  9. ITS NOT A SQUIRREL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Squirrel is a RODENT and a MAMAL. A sugar glider is a marsupial

  10. I loved Ancestors. This game seem really cool

  11. The narrotor sounds like sir david attenborough

  12. As a former suggie owner, this game will be bittersweet.

  13. God I remember playing the early access demo of this game on Steam several years ago, and how terribly clunky it was. I forgot about it for a while and never expected to see it releasing this year.
    Seeing it all finished and refined like this is just.. :')

  14. All of the core skills will be unlockable through the game's main storyline, but you can really level up your abilities if you're brave enough to venture off the beaten path!

    Skills are separated into three main categories:

    Combat (Red) impacts fighting and hunting abilities, as well as health.

    Locomotion (Yellow) impacts sprinting, climbing, and gliding abilities.

    Instinct (Blue) impacts instinct and animal possession abilities.

  15. How did I get this??? It says I can’t get in stores till the fifth

  16. for someone with molleskophobia ( a fear of snails) it is really distrubing the way those snails move

  17. Change the title, its a Sugar Glider not a Flying Squirrel you dolt.

  18. You do know you can bite your food more than once to get your bar up right?

  19. I wish you could drink water. Like ancestors.

  20. is it just me or i think thats he is the type thats says wa'er {water}

  21. if this was refined to the point of ancestors, this'll be perfect

  22. this is like watching national geographic

  23. Loved the look and idea but the camera control killed this game for me couldn’t get on with. Uninstalled before I got to the end of the tutorial

  24. You can eat all the mushroom, not just the stem. Love the gameplay, you rock.

  25. if you use code sugarglider you get somthing

  26. These kinda games are dope like an open world but your an animal

  27. So many people say this game is awful but I personally enjoyed it

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