Ao Ming Flying At Highest Point In Game - Insane Kill-streak From The Sky | Overpowered | WR -

Ao Ming Flying At Highest Point In Game – Insane Kill-streak From The Sky | Overpowered | WR

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I wanted to try this and I finally did. To get flying robots on the main structure on shenzhen then go to the top and fly again. It works best with the Ao Ming because of its unlimited flying ability. And the shenzhen game also turned out to be really entertaining. I used 2 different builds in the games and the 600m range on the Gendarme (dragoon type weapon) is really useful against other titans. And I think the weapon is overpowered because of it’s firing rate. Enjoy

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  1. I hate new titans. When you are dominating the battelfield the enemies are always deploying in the same moment all their titans and you lose the match. Btw I love your videos

  2. Nice play…red team has one and game is already won, there is just no killing this. Now they ll have QR too…

  3. The most op setup in the game, yet Pixonic chose to nerf shotgun weapons. What a joke.

  4. Hi predator, I'm leaving war robots and i wanted to thank you for Making awsome videos! 🙂 I've been watching you since 2017 and you've inspired me to be a better war robots player…. thanks Man. Peace out!



  6. You have such good allies that actually help you out, my teammates actually never assist me especially with au juns. 😭… great gameplay but I need you to go a Ming vs the Noden when it comes out…cheers

  7. From a gaming point perspective it has the ultimate advantage especially on open maps. However from a player perspective it is ridiculous to spend over 3k usd plus on a fully upgraded Ao Ming only to be screwed by the developers a few months later with a new titan robot coming unless you are loaded with cash and enjoy to be screwed constantly by Pixonic that you are willingly to pay for it.

  8. That's the build that wreck the game play. Tactics? Beacons? Team play? Good hangar? Versatile hangar
    ? Practical hangar? None matters! Just this build and you can win!

  9. You play too slow and don't do much damage

  10. if you are a new player and have money to invest, put all your resource to Aoming with the 600 plasma weapons, you will get to top even the other 5 are just Lvl 1 cossaks.

  11. Pixsuckit says this combo is not OP. Of course not they want all players to spend the 2800 platinum and then they will Nerf.

  12. Is this your BR account or real account if BR then how did you get that

  13. Every person using this after paying is a pussy and doesn't deserve to play!

  14. This is just stupid how money can ruin a game. Like good lord. I know this isn’t ur actual account so I’m not getting mad at u specifically, but it’s ridiculous how someone could spend 3k dollars on a titan just to win a VIDEO GAME that means nothing. Makes absolutely no sense to me. 😑

  15. Hey predator could you start telling us what music you play in your videos? Please you find really good music. Thanks!

  16. For more damage, Use the module “Antimatter reactor” not “Singular Reactor”

  17. Sweet song list bro!!! You got like a million feet of air that time!!! Bahahaha

  18. I played against you a week or so ago with my clan mate Trifonic. I think you beat us in Shenzhen

  19. You should put cryo on that Lancelot so it can work much better 🙂 Nice video Pred Keep up the good work

  20. Ruling the skies is so much fun with this bad boy. 😍

  21. Ruling the skies is so much fun with this bad boy. 😍

  22. Hate the Titans.!!! More and more people with no skill and a lot of money so fully maxed out soon as they can take the (max) Titan and the game is the game is ruined.!!!

  23. Any idea how many pt to max this weapon

  24. 2500 $ setup …. wtf is wrong with brain dead d people… u can buy xbox … ps5 … tv …. tons of games for that money…. r u really mad spending that much on a iPad game…. idiots… wallet warriors play with money not skill

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