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Aces of Thunder – Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 Games

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Experience the thrill of aerial combat like never before with Aces of Thunder, the upcoming VR game made specifically with capabilities of PlayStation®VR2 in mind.
The game’s physically accurate flight and damage models derived from the popular War Thunder military action game ensure that battles are immersive and believable, taking place exclusively from the cockpit view and with complete control over all flight systems.
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  1. Gejin in the most scamy company you literally can't progress past 6.0 unless you buy an $80 plane all there mystery boxes in shop are completely scam if you research a plane you're paying for the plane and crew train cost then you have to pay the ridiculous repair fees and can only make progress if you pay for premium stay far away from this scummy company until they can show they actually care a out there warthunder comunity this game is going to fail becus of how gejin has treated is warthunder players

  2. I have the ps4 with vr. Am i going to be able to play this or do i have to shell out for a ps5?

  3. Aces of Vomit

    It's going to be legendary. Imagine winning a battle because the other dude vomits onto his girlfriend who sits next to him on the sofa and then you hear the escalation before seeing "BF109GOD has left the server"

  4. I hope this has some killer single player content there is no way the multiplayer will hold it's playerbase will just be endless q times without any kind of cross play that's crazy.

  5. I want to play something like Top Gun Mavrik movie

  6. Getting it day one love war thunder already. Haters gonna hate

  7. If it’s from the WT team, it’s not even close to a simulator

  8. Кто то может ответить , а просто если купить vr 2 сейчас на обыном вартандер ps5 играть можно или нет ?

  9. i thought a game from the maker of Ace Combat and War Thunder lol

  10. Is this pure online? Free to play like war thunder? Is this full of premium vehicles and russian bias? Or its a genuine single player vr flight sim experience?

  11. I wonder if it requires me to pay rent to gaijin like in war thunder.

  12. now experience unlocking the whole tech tree for your whole life….. in VR!

  13. You know it's a realistic plane game when you feel like you want to tilt your head

  14. You guys will be playing this on a Thrustmaster?

  15. とても楽しみです。このためにPSVR2を買います。

  16. Buy freeware game War Thunder
    Buy overpriced VR
    PROFIT… for Sony

  17. Give me a date already! this is the only game i care about!

  18. Please tell me it works with the original PSVR 🥺

  19. И сколько мы ее будем ждать???

  20. If its from the people responsible for WT, id suggest staying away.

    Get a gaming pc, buy IL2 and DCS, play a real simulator. This will be unrealistic, arcade, grind… Nothing more.


  22. Is this a PlayStation exclusive or will it drop PC also?

  23. THE game that will make me buy a PSVR2 🙂

  24. I really hope there’ll be touchable buttons and nobs and stuff

  25. Размерный прототип кабины



  27. only on psvr 2 ou steam vr i need it ???

  28. Will there be a compatible HOTAS?! without that, why bother with VR?

  29. its been 5 months since trailer and still no realese date

  30. Dont get ur hopes up most psvr2 games released have been pure trash made for a 9 year old kid with 1500 dollars to buy the system

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