Ace combat 7 32:9 screen test with HOTAS and motion simulator -

Ace combat 7 32:9 screen test with HOTAS and motion simulator

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Equipment Info
R-Craft multi axis motion simulator
TM HOTAS Warthog (DIY cyclic type stick)
VKB T-Rudder
DIY Button box
C49HG90 super ultrawide monitor

Simtools 2.3 : Joystick plugin (joystick emulated motion)
UCR : emulated HOTAS to XBOX controller
WSGF widescreen patch : link –

HUD doesn’t aligned on center when applied WSGF patch
It stick on left side of the screen


  1. Cool setup. But having it while playing Ace Combat 7 seems like a wasted opportunity

    Download DCS

  2. If you can afford that than you can surely afford an artificial dick aswell.

  3. Bro has the best gaming chair that he is the best at everything

  4. This is just incredible. Great setup over there!

  5. bro has all of the bells and whistles and still using airpods

  6. Boss: Why do you prefer to WFH?

    My WFH home setup:

  7. 我想问下吼,你这款设备的名字叫什么?多少钱可以拥有?

  8. Bro coulda bought a plane for the price to build that

  9. Imagine having so good equipment and using it in such an arcade game as ace combat…

  10. Ok. But why with all the coolest toys does he look like he’s just over that stuff? He looks bored as hell.
    Is it because he added up how much he has spent ? Probably would have bought a real airplane by now . 😂

  11. I’m more shocked at the fact that he got the game to run in ultrawide

  12. It hardly moves. It's so slight i wouldn't personally even consider buying a setup like this.

    It's obviously worth a lot of money but I'd at least want it to add something more than some slight movements.

  13. Hmmmm….. looks like a lovely way to spend thousands, honestly. However, I am a bit torn. Having spent time in the military and having worked in the L-39 community for the last 16 years, I have got to spend a lot of time in various cockpits in the air (not an F-18, unfortunately). Having a pretty good feel for what it actually feels like to turn and bank and pull 5+ G's in said cockpit, I would question how that rig could actually simulate these actual motions. When you do a hard bank and turn to the left in a high performance jet, you don't get pushed against the left side of the cockpit. You get pressed down into the seat. In fact, when flying an aircraft like that, almost anything you do is gonna press you down in your seat or maybe pull you up from your seat if it's negative G's. Now, I have never tried one of these motion simulators, at least not one in a flight sim. So I am wondering what others think of it. I have certainly been tempted to invest in one. I mean, what flight simmer doesn't want the most realistic experience possible? Most of us will never fly a real F-18 although a few of us have flown in slightly lesser machines (an L-39 isn't very fast compared to a modern fighter, but they are extremely aero capable in the hands of a good pilot, rated at +8/-4 G's). So of course we want to get as close to the real thing as possible.
    What you think?

  14. Icl there’s exactly a lot of movement in it

  15. Imagine doing damn psm manuevers with that 💀

  16. In 100 years we will all be playing like this at home

  17. wooow this setup is so awesome, love it ! Great Vid Buddy !!!

  18. at this point I think this guy can actually fly a fighter jet

  19. that's kinda overkill for a game that doesn't even have enough keybinds to use every button on an xbox controller, but then again so is the arsenal bird

  20. Can on make Immelmans and rolls with that game at least?

  21. Oh shit! I've been on a few videos now talking about how cool it would be if Sega made a modern R360 with a modern curved screen and a modern flying game. This is as close as I've seen anyone come. Cool man.

  22. Ok huge question…ace combat is that not a console game?? But the TM Hotas Warthog is for PC only. does this Hotas work on a console??

  23. The money in this rig you can buy a cheap helicopter 🚁 and pay the license to fly!!!!!

  24. All that gear…and at the end of the day you are still playing Ace Combat

  25. Someone daddy has alot of money!!! Dang!!!! Here comes the next Maverick

  26. Dope setup but the screen seems very underwhelming for such a top tier cockpit/seat

  27. Is the chair controlled by the game?

  28. Instead of building a house he can live in, he's LIVING in a house he can build in.🤷🏿‍♂️

  29. 벨트까지 차셨네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 오졌따ㅋㅋㅋ 창밖으로 이젝션도 하시겄네

  30. I use a rocking chair and have more brother push it for me.

  31. whats the cost of this rig? its very impressive

  32. Should have played "Highway to the Danger Zone" on takeoff. His XP would have been MAXED out before leaving the flight deck.

  33. Okay guys,
    1. I DO NOT have a girlfriend ever because I have lovely wife and son.
    2. About airpods, I have to prepare to get a call from my wife while playing the game that’s because of why.
    I just using logitech Z906 speakers and mount them on my rig.
    3. I have a bunch of VR headsets which Oculus cv1, Vive, Vive pro and PSVR as well but AC7 have no support for PCVR unfortunately.
    4. I’m huge fan of simulation games which sim racings first (especially rally games like RBR and Dirt rally) and also filght sims like DCS, WT, il2 and Elite dangerous(I know it just space sim)

    Thank you guys for watching my videos.

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