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A Rant About Flying in Video Games

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Flying in a video game is super fun. But unfortunately, it’s somewhat of a rarity. In this video I take a look at a few games that let you fly and discuss what the best flying game would be like.


  1. You should try a game called (AER memories of old)

  2. Guardians of Gahoole was fun for me purely because you flied for the whole game! I also appreciate you mentioning Dawn of the Dragon because, like you mentioned, that game was really close to the kind of flight I wanted.

  3. im working on a superhero game but i cant get over the hump of how to make a fun engaging flying mechanic. if you can fly everywhere itll get boring fast unless the controls engage you throughout the movements. gliding like in batman will engage you becus you have to combo it with the grapple and hitting the ground pulls you away from the overpowerd characteristic of flying. the best game to do these movements that i can think of are the spiderman games, even tho thats not flying, but slinging fills the engagement. and the lego marvel games, implements a boost concept to go faster but needs like 1 or 2 things that dont do too much but are still engaging and fun.

  4. You can freely fly in the superman returns game

  5. I know you said that you're ruling out games where the character rides things, BUT if you haven't heard of Star Citizen, you should check it out. You have a whole solar system that you can freely explore. More content for the game is being worked on.

  6. I don't know if you have already checked this, but i found a gameplay around this game called "AER Memories of Old" and you can fly freely and explore the world there

  7. Every word you said is exactly how I feel too. Flying is the coolest!

  8. Lego Marvel Avengers.Dragon Ball Z Kakarot/XenoversePrototype and InFamous games also let you glide very high and well but it's still not flying :/

  9. Xenoblade Chronicles X, the Skells with flight module, gives you absolute control

  10. I just saw in another video a game named Flight that jst lets the main character to transform in to a crow and let u fly where ever u want and transform back to monk to explore lands.Basically an exploration game… no story line or enemies to kill..Jst a game where u can fly free.

  11. Frustrates me that in the newest assassins creed games the maps are big and open and you can get a horse that literally has wings but the horse can only glide down from a height and not fly you around the map. Like pls just let me fly Pegasus

  12. City of heroes what the game you wanted, but it's old now

  13. Idk how you only have like 3k subs. Quality of the video woulda had me guess closer to 300k.

  14. Just cause 4 lets u fly with the rocket wing suit

  15. Wb should invest in a superman game with free flying in an open world metropolis.

  16. You should try out lego batman 2 dc Superheroes.

  17. Guardians of Ga’hoole is pretty good too! Flying as an owl is fun

  18. I cant see the dawn of the dragon 😭 i wana play it to

  19. The Lego superhero games 🤷🏽‍♂️ lol

  20. I really feel you. Here's a list of games I figured where you can actually fly:

    Sky: Children's of the Light
    Daemon X Machinas
    Lego Marvel Super Heroes and DC Villains
    DC Super Hero Girls

  21. What about Anthem? I mean, it was hated by alot, but I think it has a really cool flying mechanic

  22. I 100% agree with you. For the meantime, I suggest you to play Batman Arkham Knight with a mod that lets you fly (yes, control the up and down movements). Also you can change the speed by pressing the f2, f3 or f4 buttons. It was kind of hard to install the mod for me but it's worth it.

  23. I also wish there was a game that let's you fly freely……..the only games that I can think off the top of my head would be gravity rush and saints row gat out of hell…….Saints row you fly with wings like a bird and it feels pretty satisfying…..gravity rush 1 and 2 the flying isn't exactly flying but falling in a certain direction with gravity and it isn't 100% fluid but still feels pretty good and satisfying to do………..the 2nd one has more gravity powers and let's you fly even faster when you get a certain ability down the line………I'm surprised you didn't at least mention gravity rush but I guess it's because the game is pretty low key and alot of people don't really know it exsists……the story isn't that great but the combat is decent and I enjoy flying around the floating cities for hours on end……I still play it even to this very day just to fly around

  24. Just cause 3 with the dlc. Perfect flying. You gotta get the sky fortress dlc or it wont be the perfect flying

  25. Dunno if anyone remembers it, but Drakan: the ancient gates on PS2 was pretty good at the whole fly where you want thing – granted, you have to ride a dragon to fly and he isn't available immediately, but…

  26. I agree completely. A series that I have always found frustrating on this aspect is Sonic the Hedgehog. When you collect all the Chaos Emeralds you can transform into Super Sonic who can actually fly……only during the final boss. I understand why the devs made this decision. A character who is literally invulnerable would be just too OP if he could also fly and avoid all obstacles easily. On top of that, the stages were not designed with Super Sonic in mind anyway. However, it is a bit dissapointing when they give you a character that can fly through space, but in the actual game he only hovers over the ground, so it's the same as running. At least in Sonic Mania you can fly at will using Debug Mode.

  27. Starlink battle for atlas is my close-to-perfect flying game. I have the PC version it is awesome! I love flying through space and exploring planets.

  28. Superman returns had the right idea and I enjoyed iron man for the flying too, I don't know why they're so rare either

  29. You need to play Gravity Rush 1 and 2, you need to check them out because the most important mechanic is flying

  30. gravity rush 2. I'm trying to make a combat game with its movement (except full controll). Sorry it wont be single player…

  31. Seek thineself Cultivate Your Inner World says:

    No Man's Sky is Unlimited with the ability for you to fly through the endless bounds of Space. This guy flew for 5 hours. It's 60 dollars on steam, there's a sale up until the 4th where you can buy it at half price. It's Worth Every penny if flight is your end goal.https://youtu.be/VlC5LSTvoj0

  32. For everyone interested in flying freely in a 3-D game here’s the name of one and it’s great. It’s for a Nintendo switch and iOS. It called Sky children of light. Your welcome 🙏🏻♥️

  33. too bad you're not actually flying the map is actually moving to make it seem as if you're flying it's impossible to fly ''forward'' without the world moving making it an illusion lets say the world is moving but you was always at start game, sure you can walk, run, or jog back and forth but again the world is doing that for you not you…

  34. I been looking for a while for the same thing, I found DC universe online, which has a great story and the customization is insane with making your own superhero with any powers you want

  35. Good to see you back :p Great video!
    Honestly, one game that got flying right was Anthem, sure the game itself kinda sucked, but the flying was really nice :p

  36. Yay! So glad you uploaded. And this is a valid rant. The flying in skyward sword and Dragons dawn of new riders are kind of difficult to control

  37. "I want a 3D, single-play game, with a good story , that let's you freely fly all the time."

    Lmao don't we all? 😔

  38. I’ve been saying this exact same thing for years I love fling, in and out of games and good games that let you fly freely feel like they don’t exist. That’s why I keep coming back to games like Superman returns, iron man and shit like that. Honestly I feel like the lego games where you can free roam are basically what I’m looking for but without being legos. Like I feel like they have it perfectly but it’s goddamn legos. I still own them tho lol. Great video tho glad someone else finally said it.

  39. You want flying. Play just cause 3 with the blue jet pack dlc your pretty much falcon from captain America. Trust me at first you feel like superman but it gets boring after some time. Theres a reason there isn’t an amazing superman game out there. Flying defeats the purpose of a game to somewhat extreme. You can’t have puzzles and level design as well as physics and I am sure me and you can think of many more. Unless developers have an idea around a good open world with challenges and flying levels in the open air would eventually get boring. Even in flight simulator you have to stay focused and control your plane accordingly to your navigation and landing. That’s why I find that fun.

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