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a flight sim older than me | B-17 Flying Fortress: World War II Bombers in Action

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I have literally no idea why my aircraft were detonating, and I have a feeling the sound was similarly bugged. There’s loads of DOSBox options to customise the game in the setup, but I think I’m pretty done with this one, going to give The Mighty 8th a much bigger go.



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  1. Oh man, you should play '50 Mission Crush', made by SSI back in the 80's. The graphics haven't aged well, but it is pretty amazing how awesome it is despite its age.

  2. OMG I loved playing this game. So many hours in it.

  3. Alright rimmy, I'll give you a sub and the bell notification, where's the command and conquer videos, rimmy?

  4. Play Easy Red 2, It is a 5 dollar world war 2 game with tanks, aircrafts..etc
    and has very positive reviews on steam

  5. god. This made me remember a game from my childhood. It wasn't this one, it was even older. I can't remember the name, only that it was on the computer and it was a 2d left to right style game, but you flew a plane of some sort to shoot and bomb military targets. I wish I could remember more of it. I remember playing a lot of it.

  6. That last part crack me up… Well the plane too

  7. I remember playing this on my PSP on long car rides. OH wait this wasn’t the game, it was some other B-17 game.

  8. Mate I'm 46 and have played it and I'm part of your audience
    Gen X ftw baby lol… Feelz oldz

  9. Been wanting to try this one but instead I got “B-17 Flying Fortress The Mighty 8th” on Steam.

  10. "We're on the ground" he said. Seems more like in the ground.

  11. This looks awesome! Thanks for the content Rimmy

  12. It's not quite the oldest try searching intellvision B17

  13. This game originally came out in 1992.
    Cos of this; this video's thumbnail caption DOES NOT apply to me as i was a 1991 baby.
    I'll be 30 next month… sad groan
    Also the title says the game is older than Rimmy, which means I'M older than him aswell…

  14. Old enough to remember Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe?? (1989) I highly recommend it if you appreciate the nostalgia of older computer games.

  15. The good old father of Bomber Crew right here!

  16. My dad has this game on disc for our old computer.

  17. Rimmy– Play Red Baron II next if you haven't already. Used to love the shit out of that and this reminds me of it heavy for some reason…

  18. You should get some of the old manuals as training guides for Arma newbies.

  19. >VR B-17 game that can have 10 players

    Y'all know that whoever is gonna be the pilot is gonna crash the fucking thing lmao

  20. I think, as a kid, I played quite a lot of a similar game but about WW1 fighters. Pixelated Big Blue-and-White French Biplanes shooting yellow pixels at Pixelated Red-and-Black German Albatrosses and Fokkers..

    Figured out that the best way to shoot down enemies was to either pepper them from afar or just fly straight at them like a mad-man and make them break formation (and shoot wildly ** everywhere ** when they did that).

  21. Jokes on you I'm ten years older than this game.

  22. I've only played the Mighty Eighth, Lots of childhood hours spent playing B17:ME, glad to see you play the original Rimmy, cheers stay safe!

  23. i played the mighty 8th that game was difficult to take off and you had a thiiiick book on how to mix fuel and take off…. i often exploded the engine… tho i was young then XD

  24. when was it actually released tho? all googling leads me to the steam release which just has 19/11/21 which is……….incorrect

    What day in 1999 because that's my year too and I wanna know who's younger, me or the game

  25. God I played this on my old Amiga back in the day! Loved how you could blow your own wings off XD. Proper Nostalgic!

  26. Rimmy presses Alt A, There is nothing but desert for miles, the bomber is resting on some rubble, it ran out of fuel years ago, how much time has passed? A raider plane flies over head and the crew hopes they aren't seen.

  27. “Not me”

    “I’ve been here since the beginning of reality”

    “And somehow, I still haven’t found the time to watch all the anime on my watchlist”

    “Netflix… you bastards and your deadlines”

  28. I remember another microprose game by the name of f-15 strike eagle. I immediately could tell from the box it wouldn't run on anything past windows 98, so they must've moved hell to get this running.

  29. Game manuals today: random screen text and probably a pdf

    Game manuals back then: a literal army intelligence kit.

  30. I love how every Youtube content creator remindes me that I'm getting old. 😁

  31. God I remember this game.

    Never thought I would see footage of it on YouTube of all places.

  32. sees video title

    I.. guess I'm the old one out?

  33. >a flight sim older than me

    Thats cute Rimmy, thats cute.

  34. It really reminds me off of star wars xwing and tie fighter

  35. Oh the memories… I actually played that back in the day s a teen… I mean when its graphics were considered state of the art. I guess that what I'm saying is that I'm old.

  36. I'm excited to see you play The Mighty Eigth, i'm a long time fan of the game.

  37. Ah, they don't make manuals like they used to… says the guy that still has physical copies of Ace Over Europe and Red Baron.

  38. My pc cant handle this game bro 💀💀💀

  39. Goddamn. I remember running this in XP's on board MSDOS interface…

  40. 10 players in vr in a b 17, I am so happy that’s gonna be a thing.

  41. I'm older than this game by a decent margin.

    Microprose did some damn good work back in the day, talonsoft as well. You bringing out these old titles is giving me some good memories of growing up and playing these with some of my friends back then.

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