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a flight sim older than me | B-17 Flying Fortress: World War II Bombers in Action

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I have literally no idea why my aircraft were detonating, and I have a feeling the sound was similarly bugged. There’s loads of DOSBox options to customise the game in the setup, but I think I’m pretty done with this one, going to give The Mighty 8th a much bigger go.



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  1. For some reason i really love this art style of the game

  2. You sure you weren't fighting the japanese?

  3. Fun fact, the music composer for this also worked on Transport Tycoon

  4. Wait, so that guide book is not a history book?

  5. Man I remember games like this. I miss fat manuals that had sturdy ring bindings because the developer spent money on a writer and goddammit they were going to get their moneys worth somehow.

  6. 3:24 Everyone running away is a traitor to the King! And everyone not running away is a disciplined traitor to the King!

  7. Only 200 something pages, clearly someone hasn't played DCS

  8. These games were great. They still sell them on GOG, and have been for ages. I don't know when they were put on Steam.

  9. *this game os older than my audience

    That doesnt mean shit, nearly all mainstream games are pure diarhea

    Plus the 8,16 and 32 bit styles are in right now, and look good bc they accept their limit in visuals
    Edit: the credit music is only a few notes off Transport tycoons and locomotions soundtrack LMAO

  10. Microprose still makes games and they're working on what I can describe as war thunder with Pixel graphics. It's called tiny combat arena

  11. Attention passengers ignore the flak fire

  12. DCS World: I have the longest Manuals and the Best Flight models ever made.
    B-17 Flying Fortress. WW II Bombers in Action: Hold my Allied Casualties.

  13. Gta San Andreas is older than me so this game is like a relic to me

  14. 1:22 That's what PC music used to sound like. They didn't have room for CD audio or even MP3s. They had a YM3812 or YMF262 OPL-compatible synthesizer. This was the best time for PC music.

  15. i am definitively older than this game just sayin

  16. My man even though in 1943 most physics weren't invented yet, It's still a bomber plane and you can also stall which is cool considering the game's age

  17. "This game is probably older than you" Watches vid and, in a wave of nostalgia, goes to bookshelf and pulls out Amiga magazine bought in '93 this game was previewed in. Bought it with my paper round money. Good days.

  18. oh wow, my dad has the mighty 8th on CD still!

  19. Old simulator games like this are awesome, the thick manuals made for great bedtime reading
    Some of those games went really in depth, like having to call a phone number to get nuclear launch codes in Theatre Europe comes to mind

  20. Like i said, I’ll comment on everyone of your videos I see

  21. DOS games are weirdly charming, they look archaic but REALLY well polished.

  22. Woah, these guys made Highfleet! Incredible studio from the two games I’ve seen.

  23. Is there like a trailer for the Mighty 8th VR???

  24. OOOAAAAAA did you ever play Janes WW2 Flight sim? It was like an old IL2, best part was putting down a division of infantry that just run forward infinitely, right thru other ground units, it was great

  25. You should give Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe a try!

  26. Good old days when all you need was a 486er with 88 mHz. If you're in for some old school 3d rpg i could recommend "World of Aden: Thunderscape" from 1995 ^^

  27. Try something a bit more modern like Comanche 4

  28. God this game is old the moment I’ve heard “nine o nine” (that was a real B-17 that crashed in 2018)

  29. Damn this game came out in 1992, shits two years older than me

  30. The huge manual reminded me of F/A-18 Hornet for the Mac. Was like a 1993 release?

  31. N1! Wish they'd remake Battle of Britain by Lucasarts again, awesome game that one from management, pilot skilling to variety of aircraft and mission planning. Sigh can only dream…

  32. I used to play it with my dad back in the day… it's the second PC game he bough, right after Red Baron (Dynamix).

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