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Pixelated Apollo
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  1. Ok but can you make more vide about sphere floating city

  2. Hey bro I’m a huge fan, keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Apollo
    I just Want To Know What Happen To Star Wars KOTOR Walkthrough?

  4. the game is looking really good and it was done by only 4 guys?! Insane.
    unfortunately I am still completely hooked on KcD…. :/

  5. I wish youd make this a series its so cool

  6. Sounds…………………………..


  7. '6 minutes, but on fast forward' lol luv dat

  8. Would love to see more of this in the future Apollo

  9. Wth bro what happened to episode 39. Ya left us hanging

  10. سعود عبد العزيز سعد غازي غازي says:

    PixelatedApolloHi 👋 👍 welcome back 🙂✨cool 🏌️‍♂️🤩💔

  11. When will more Napoleon total war come?

  12. Remember you can strengthen your shield when you go through hazardous areas to protect your city

  13. That movie at the start is called mortal engines

  14. when are you playing total war agaain

  15. You should do some more videos of this if possible it was really fun to watch

  16. You know what i would like turn back to the medieval period or classical age [ or at least to the victorian ] as the modern or present world is full of sh*tty plastic sh*tty garbage , sh*tty climate and sh*tty people with sh*tty chinese bio virus everywhere LOL . *PS or maybe i need a time machine hehe .

  17. Apollo, do you know if we are going to see any more KOTOR videos? Or have you not been enjoying it fully? You are getting so close to lightsabers 🙂

  18. Damn the concept of this game is unique. I'll definitely give it a try thanks Apollo! Love your video as always🍻

  19. My one Hope is that you young people fix it all . Before some old buggers start wwIII .Oh i suggest you all get Enlisted get some trade craft . haha .

  20. This game looks like dlc for Frostpunk ..completely same concept.. me likey

  21. Looks interesting ? Over population is near critical mass our planet . Pollution . over fishing . Unemployment for both our Youth Older workers . Micro plastics increasing in food chains .Fake media , Science fiction and or fact When younger i read 3 standout books . 1984 The Iceman cometh also Stranger in a strange land .. they scared the daylights out of me . Then from the first cry of my new born son , i went into FULL ON SURVIVALIST MODE .. Digging out rooms / in the side of a mountain here on the farms Stocked with anything / everything . over the recent years watching every program on Survivalists . you name it . be it Drones storage batteries we have it all in boxes

  22. The books you mentioned are the Mortal Engines series! They were pretty great. Much better than the movie.

  23. If you like this game you should play Frostpunk! And i also believe you’d enjoy Bad North very much

  24. OK , have watched this two times now ,?? I think the youngsters will love this . But for this old Neanderthal. i prefer my feet on TERRA FIRMA. haha.

  25. So that is just Frostpunk in space? looks 100% the same game…

  26. Perimiter 2021! The gameplay wasn't super. It was different and brought a lot of flexibility.

  27. Watching all these cool games on pc and then there’s my pc that just about manages to run modded Minecraft and Overwatch -_-

  28. Hey buddy after playing this for 500+ hours in early access thought i lay some knowledge on you. This game has hidden depths that it takes a couple of playthroughs/stress testing to figure out.

    so we getting a season off this ? 😀 been doing some strategy's on the map. So couple of tips right off the bat you can Pause at time. Recommend times to this is When you first arrive to a sector, When your converting Elements, When your testing shields on much is the increase. On Water Reclaimers and Food Production Services set them as the Same Priority so you can swap them off for a pause swap. When you build FOOD storage. Turn on only what your Producing or is wasted space with no production. Fully mining a sector will Yield Elements for Research. To Achieve Rarer Elements the Deep Scans Are Require. Your percentage chance to get a rarer element shoots up but you will still get basics as well but sometimes i get like 20 basics or 10 basics and 10 rare. Likewise you can set the same priority for 3 Buildings Power plant, Mining Plants, Research building, and Radar Station. Set all of these to 7 until you have enough Pop to Operate them all. But you need to cycle these when your transporting from sector to sector until you have enough Population. Things to be mindful The POPULATION doesn't need Processed Veg until your Quality goes UNDER 25, after it goes below 20 you will get HUNGRY for a short period of time / then ILL, then Starvation then Deathly ill. Second tip on population this FOOD RAMPS up as a big part of the GAME as in under 100 POPULATION 1food=1Populaiton until you 100 then its 1.1=Population 200 1.2 300 1.3 400 1.4 exc… Some games care about the quality of food certain food will take longer to Feed the People. After through testing it takes 2mins of In-game time for the Crowd to become hungry again. But warning… Food service building and Water providers have to be ran at full Capacity or going down to dog slow. minimum= 1 food p6seconds same for water. Gets worse when you look at Food processing minimum workers 3 food 3veg intake = 1 process food. at minimum per 6 seconds of time. 5 seconds after you get the basic research. _ Most values you simple have to watch a building a count the Seconds for the % to get to 100%. NUMBER / 60= production per minute. So take this to the population you have something simple is Food max is 5water = 3food at 4seconds (3seconds)upgraded. 60/3=(20×5)&(20×3)-both x 2)) for minutes. of production. = so you have an input of 100water a minute= to get 60 food a minute output. x 2min 120food will get you about 109 population Until you need a second type of FOOD source. …((( so population eats every 2min )) * this is confirm on SPEED 1 ingame test w/ online Stopwatch Now running the Numbers w/out the Buff. 60/4 15×5 = 45W input. 15x3Food output 45Food x 2min rule 90 food. so by the end of the tutorialized missions you'll have Acquired 100/100 of colonist/population. Getting the 2 Simple upgrades you can last longer w/out getting 2 Food Farms. which in drains more power means more Power Plants means Less Materials for us to use. hydro's have a 1×1 ratio for food to Plantations, but a 1×2 when in Rain Areas because efficiency is 200%. So in order to skip have 2 hydros and 2 plantations. which takes max 8×2+4×2= 24 workers to max all 3 out. But if your max out on 2 them your maxing your water out so its wasted workers and efficiency. so the Second Hydro should only be built when you have 3 food producing structures. Because you can abuse the efficiency bonus and farm Ice Asteroids for the excess missing but Please don't Rely on the ICE giants for Water ONLY…..

    When mining Resources its takes 1min for the drones to fly out to the Rock and fly back to the base. Its better to have 1 Material Selected until it gets to 300 then activate the other Material… by studying at this stage they can only carry up to 300 items per min. But if you send them Below 300 they will split the difference so efficiency will drop down which means More time for a ION storm to cause you damage materials you just earn you lost.

    Nerd Moment there is a timer for Storm to attack your based when your base is stationary 3min-5min, most of these be your shield level 1 above or 1 below, to when you Arrive at a new Location. This was put into the game to be a consistent ongoing threat to make the player think, this is a not a stationary game When you get the Warning for a Storm usually tells me Pause, Map – Move to new Location. you will be nip for only 2/3rds of the Appropriate location damage. Means less repairs you have to Waster your Materials on. The only time I will break this Rule if i am Mining Minerals you will Elements for Research upon Completion of the Project.

    When your planning on picking up some more people 2 hidden thing and 1 kind of not so obvious 1, will happen immediately the entire population will consume a meal when Picking up New Recruits as a celebration for Finding Survivors. 2 not so obvious will happen 'these people have been inside a pod for a long time. 'some will be Sick' guaranteed every time. Lastly If you don't have enough Housing IMMEDIATELY upon arriving and accepting them your LOYALTY will take a MASSIVE hit and take 2 times as LONG to grow back. Up. at the most and very finds you can find up to 20-25 people but you will need to have at least 30 for midflight BIRTHS if your LOYALTY is above 50%.

    Next drones are very finicky in there order pathing…. list of priorities as follow. new BUILDINGS>REPAIR>SALVAGE sometimes you can't find them on the map because it gets literally stress out.__ COUNTS of how many to have Building Count in the Overview Building… 100=2 200=4 exc Repair Bots. Per Second repair is 1 Material. Halve numbers for Building Drones. Ones you get more populations you'll be building but macro/micro managing your Workers. But when you get to the point Double the Increase the Repair Bots to 100=3 200=5 exc… Below 70% health of a building the will slowly lower Efficiency. 50% greater 30% hard Reduction 20% shut down.

    Lastly onto medical units in this… 10% of population should allot for available space. At rare times we need to cross threw a lower toxic cloud to get to a Safe Location because Metorstrike 4/5 is in our way, that being said your population has a 20% higher chance to sick faster in a toxic cloud. 40% if you go threw a cloud of Higher than your Shield. 1+ shield is a reduction of 10% per tier. But since its toxic your workers will still sick regardless. But less or more likely.

    Couple of the buildings we need to be mindful of is the tier 2a 2b of the House is 3×2 size of the building when your Planning your City its helps to get a Section 7 Wide 4deep so you can place 2 Tier 3 and 2 basics homes for 128 population per section…basic set up for 128 pop w/ 2 Loyalty building set up on bottom of this In the middle of the Area we need to for the next update when the new Loyalty building will be at 2×2 building. Service area is 'can be increase so one of the Middle of 2 population areas will go just fine. Current playthrough am 489 people.

    22 22
    1 DD 1

    Sorry this is a long message but yea i play this game too much almost as much as Frostpunk.

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