2020 Flying Tiger Games of the Christmas Eve Olympiad!! Merry Christmas from Travelin' Young!! - gamenightuiuc.com

2020 Flying Tiger Games of the Christmas Eve Olympiad!! Merry Christmas from Travelin’ Young!!

Travelin’ Young
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Merry Christmas y’all!!

Without being about to go out and about like we normally would during the holidays, we decided to buy crazy fun looking games from Flying Tiger, drink, setup a camera, and see what transpires. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed playing.

This has now become the 1st annual Flying Tiger Games of Christmas Eve.

BTW, definitely buy these games from Flying Tiger!! It was a blast!! Walk through a store and see what you might find.

Flying Tiger –
Hindbær Shot –


  1. Haha not exactly a traditional Christmas eve as far as I know how Americans celebrate Christmas eve.

    I can't recall why you celebrate it during the day. Maybe you can shed some light on that

  2. 🇩🇰🎄⛄🇺🇸🎄⛄🇩🇰🎄⛄🇺🇸🎄⛄🇩🇰 Hi, I'm a big fan from the northern Jutland and it is a total joy to see you having such a playfull and lovning family life. I love you are curious about so many things. It is interesting and eyeopening to listen to how, it is to move to a new country. And interesting to hear your view of our country and your take on things. Looking forward to follow your videos. Hope you will be very happy here.
    Merry Christmas to you all.
    That brisket just sounds amazing 🤩

  3. Wooooooo You guys have Merry Christmas, I just applied resident permit for Denmark today. Hope I will get one.

  4. Love all the videos of yours that I've seen but this is by far my favourite. You sure know how to have fun. I was cracking up watching the sumo squatting 😂 Merry Christmas and happy new year

  5. Now I need to get back to CPH and Flying Tiger!

  6. You know, I'm not actually sure those are regulation size ping-pong rackets?!

  7. I simply love your all.. and think we here in Denmark, are SO lucky we have your here… What huge winning.

  8. its good to see you guys inclide the fuel of teh season. Gløg and other varieties of booze 😀

  9. We often use these FT products for our package games in December leading up to Christnas ( typically bingo style or dice games ) – or for socalled "hate" presents ( giving people all sorts of silly stuff that they have abs. no use for – just for the fun of it 😂).

  10. We ate Brisket I mean no! He's definitely still alive though we cant show him because hes ummm… Gone! Yeah thats what it is, he's gone.

  11. Your channel is the best thing to have emerged from a lockdown, ever !

  12. Somehow I missed this video when binging all the rest. Good thing the entertainment still holds up in April. 😉

  13. I feel like you are forgetting the annual of the Annual Flying Tiger Olympics

    This was hilarious!!!

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