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2,000+ PILOTS Online in Microsoft Flight Simulator! (with ATC) Cross The Pond 2023

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Maximum traffic volume during CTP Westbound, eh?
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Air Canada flight 914 heavy, Airbus A330-900neo service from Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport (CYYZ) to Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l (KFLL). Recorded in Microsoft Flight Simulator on the VATSIM network, ATC included. This flight occurred during Cross The Pond Westbound, the busiest biannual event with over 2,000 pilots and 240 air traffic controllers connected.

Headwind Simulations A339X (mod)

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*Apologies for the lag on arrival, NVIDIA wanted my .exe to stop working. Turtle Beach sent me the V1 Flightstick to use for this video and I earn through the affiliate link above.

Thanks for watching boss. More videos on the way.


  1. Scariest moment of my life, being on a plane from Amsterdam and seeing another plane go over us at I'm guessing 1000' above. Looked a hell of a lot closer in the cabin though

  2. Loving the announcements and the passenger dialog in the cabin!

  3. I love the new Air Canada livery. So clean and distinguished.

  4. How can you tall to people in the game ?

  5. I'd like to play vatsim but it seems so complicated. Maybe one day I will be up to the task.

  6. Hey the discount code didn’t work for the joystick

  7. Bro how to you go to the online server with real people

  8. It would be cool if you could operate the equipment on the ground like baggage trucks, and fuel trucks to fuel up the planes. And being able to push the planes back with the vehicles.

  9. What does he look like an old grandpa lol

  10. A collab with you and 74 Gear would be butter.

  11. Cross the pond, but didnt cross the pond…..

  12. That is not mfsf that is vats I’m for one moment I thought you could have poop le talk to you as if they were ATC

  13. plz help i cant steer in the air or ground on keyboard and mouse

  14. You know you're on a Canadian airline when out of the back you hear a baby crying and a man saying "Shut the fuck up eh"

  15. one sneeze and the entire server goes down

  16. the fact this is so chill yet when i play this game my blood pressure rises 200%

  17. I am overwhelmed with all of these buttons. I prefer the mobile app airline commander 😂. Microsoft flight simulator teach you how to fly this plane. Just curious what if you purposefully crash into one of the plane what will happen? 😂

  18. how the hell is his sim so realistic? I mean he can see other player with their REAL planes (livery, type of aircraft…), h'e's using A330… I mean i am on xbox and we don't even have the A330 and if I play with my friends, I can only see a sort of cubic plane instead…

  19. is that computerized voice when you talk to the tower or is that real people from a sim tower directing?

  20. الصحراء الشرقية المغربية says:

    Royal air Maroc 😍😍

  21. Can’t wait for this small metaverse to develop so far that I would build a triple screen online passenger simulator in my room to participate in all this best-in-primates-history time killer! 🥹

  22. No one noticed that there is no First Officer with him

  23. You make me proud. Airforceproud95. Nice flight.

  24. Actually just ordered that flight stick based on the mention in this video. I've had to move back home to care for my ill mum so don't have a game room anymore for a full HOTAS, this ticks all my boxes!

  25. fun fact: I was at the Toronto airport at the time this video was made

    I also saw an Air Canada a330 departing….

  26. Wait real flights are also in game realtime?

  27. At 7:30 I was sure the ATC was going to say "Yeah This is Blue Angel…Six!"

  28. Aer Lingus in the goddamn stratosphere, can we get much higher?

  29. Feel like if you didn’t need to say so much I would buy this 😅

  30. 8:09 something i always want to do when i am flying irl

  31. This is blowing my mind right now. Are all these people real pilots and ATC? How is this organized? How do you deal with people who don’t know what they’re doing crashing into you or saying ridiculous stuff on the radio?

  32. Dude, u r not allowed to disengage AP while using RVSM

  33. My stupid ass: what the fok why are they saying math numbers and squawk squawk

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