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200 Passenger Short Runway Takeoff Challenge (#Shorts) Real Pilot Plays Microsoft Flight Simulator

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The challenge? Take off in less than 1,000 FEET of runway with at least TWO HUNDRED passengers

These #Shorts are a little different! If you enjoyed this be sure to check out the rest of my Airplane Shenanigans playlist for more thoroughly curated Flight Simulator debauchery!

Let me know if you give it a try! Any challenge you’d like to see completed? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. that map is like the map in roblox ptfs the "SABA AIRPORT"

  2. Wow you would be the best pilot in the worl

  3. しっかりケツ上がってんな

  4. A 747 can take off from a carrier with enough wind. I used to land a Cessna in Soldier Field in FS 4, just turn up the wind.
    The real accomplishment is doing anything in fs 2020. It's all strange and poorly documented.

  5. รุจาภา เศรษฐบุตร says:

    Hyf diwisuda

  6. The take off lead to a pucker factor of 200 missing seat cushions

  7. MSFS Boeing 747 Acts like Cesssna. It litreally takes off at 90knots

  8. Me taking off with my terribly designed plane in KSP

  9. This really shows how bad MSFS is when it comes to aerodynamics and the actual simulation part

  10. สายการบินมรณะแอร์ไลน์

  11. If the landline gear lever is positioned following procedure, the gear wouldn't have been up, in fact the gear would have been in the water.

  12. Anyone know the ICAO for this airport? Thanks In Advance

  13. If I was a passenger I think I'll shit myself. If I was a pilot. I think the minute I come back to land I'll need to be high all day to relieve my stress

  14. A 747 could never make this landing in real life!!!

  15. Jeez I'd love to be in the plane irl if that happened

  16. That is obviously a class 74 pucker Factor

  17. Bro, is this run way for real? Any real exames you could show?

  18. I bought the game and haven't been able to even take off once

  19. Not sure how you did this even though since it takes longer than that to take off at jfk even in this plane on Microsoft flight simulator. You definitely have unrealistic settings on for the power and flight

  20. Why do you sound like afp95 and Josh from let’s game it out

  21. Wait wait wait .. how realistic is realistic… Wow the power must be crazy

  22. Why I see a cute dog when the video started 🤣

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