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10 Best PS1 Flight Simulator Games of All Time

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#10. Independence Day
#9. Vanark
#8. Eagle One: Harrier Attack
#7. G-Police: Weapons of Justice
#6. Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere
#5. Soviet Strike
#4. R/C Stunt Copter
#3. Nuclear Strike
#2. Ace Combat 2
#1. G-Police

Compilation of the top 10 best PS1 flight simulator games of all time.



  1. Ac3 > all combined. The japanese campaign is huge and it is now translated for free

  2. This list is completely retarded. Vanark is a rail shooter, soviet strike and nuclear strike are isometric action shooters, the rest of the list are arcade flight games. At least try dude.

  3. Ace Combat Series is my favorite. Amazing compilation Pro fanboy❤❤❤

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