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► Flying Police Car Prisoner Transport 2017 (Games War Studios) Android Gameplay

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The city police have given you significant mission to transport the hoodlums starting with one place then onto the next in the city. These offenders have been captured after such a significant number of missions and fights; they are captured after quite a while with numerous endeavors. Despite the fact that they are offenders yet at the same time they should have been remained careful. They know a considerable measure of criminal mysteries so it is currently your central goal as a cop to protect them in jail. They are in peril, their kindred mafia is behind them to slaughter them and save every one of their mysteries from spilling outside that jail and get in learning of any cop.

You are a specialist and prepared cop who have experienced many fight and battle sessions. Influence an utilization to out of every one of those trainings, remain safe and guard the offenders in jail and outside jail also. You are an expert transporter and you know your way on all vehicles. Drive each jail transport vehicle precisely and transport crooks to higher and more secure place, far from mafia. The correctional facility is completely secured yet you a mission of taking out those hoodlums from the prison and transport them to the new progress exceptionally secured police jail. This jail is far away and to get to that more secure prison you have to drive the auto in the city. Drive with care and aptitudes. Go insane on street, travel a few ways and tracks towards the prison on your stunning auto. Flying squad car detainee transport 2017 is genuine 2017 test system and a trial of your making abilities on the insane tracks. At the point when the street closes, be a bravo cop and remove the wings from the squad car. Begin flying the auto on water between the two urban areas. The correctional facility is in the other city and now it is your obligation to drive and travel to that city and transport the hoodlums to that prison. Take flight appreciate the vehicle in air, keep the detainees safe and transport them to the propel jail.

Perform obligation to exchange all detainees under insane security inside the overwhelming police plane and let the flight fly high. Take the criminal prisoner to the focal jail as they are condemned for a long time for doing some insane violations in the city. Some prominent detainee needs additional security and conventions to be guarded alive thus make their exchange through squad cars. These are no conventional autos; these are police criminal transport flying autos. City police driving with police flying autos, sensible auto plane flying test system has an extraordinary 2017 3D cit and exciting gameplay missions. In flying squad car detainee transport 2017 test system you can’t bear the cost of a criminal to escape so be watchful in your driving. Driving a transport and flying a plane are two entirely unexpected and insane assignments to ace yet driving a squad car with culprits and flying that same auto out of the city to another prison for transport of criminal is a major ordeal. So precisely drive the detainee squad car to the city airplane terminal and after that fly your auto air ship to the focal jail.

Have safe drive and flight

Key Features

1-Amazing squad cars

2-Crazy city drive

3-Smooth driving and flying controls

4-Transport detainees to imprison in flying autos

5-Interesting Game play

6-Smooth and simple controls


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