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► Flying Aqua Super Hero Vs Sea Animals Game (Clans) Android Gameplay

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Welcome to the water world where you will fly water legend which controls entire ocean brute and battle with them in Flying Aqua Hero versus Sea Animals. Water saint battles with risky ocean creatures and control them with super powers. Spare the regular people from unsafe sharks which are meandering in the profound sea. Executioner whale abruptly assault on the guiltless people groups and endeavor to slaughter the swimmer.

Flying Aqua Hero versus ocean creatures is exciting diversion for all water legend darlings. First time in the gaming scene Aqua Hero present on android diversions. Water saint battle with irate crocodile and spare the child from them. Water saint controls the ocean creatures and ride on executioner whale in the profound sea. Battle with the ocean brutes in the submerged with the assistance of trident.


FLYING AQUA HERO VS SEA ANIMALS is activity amusement intriguing gameplay where you play as flying water legend and spare the blameless people groups from ocean monsters. Water saint controls all the ocean creatures and ride on them. Execute the furious sharks which are attempting to murder the child’s swimmers. Chase the sperm whale which is look like blue whale and ride in them. Move starting with one place then onto the next by flying forces and riding on the whales. Water legend slaughters the distraught ocean creatures with the assistance of trident assaults. Flying water legend test system is brimming with activity and excited. This water saint diversion is prepared to shake in the gaming scene and impact all water recreations.


• Play as water saint and spare the people groups

• Choose your most loved water saint and ride on whales

• Underwater battling with irate sharks

• Hunt the whale with the assistance of trident

• HD designs and cool water condition to play

• Flying and controls the ocean mammoths

Flying Aqua Hero versus Sea Animals is exceptionally intended for water sweetheart and shark battling fans. You can ride on the executioner whale and spare the children from crocodile which are going in the profound marine. Hovering over the profound marine and check out the foes like furious shark, executioner whale and frantic crocodile which are endeavoring to murder the blameless swimmers.


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